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Power Interruption: Guilty for Killing Online Worker's Job

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Power interruptions are so much killing the online business of our fellow online ninjas and workers. Summer temperature affected the performance of power utility companies that is the reason of frequent power losses. 

You might be asking why summer heat affects the performance of said companies.

The explanation for that is very simple. When you are in heat what will you do? You need something cold right? Where could you find something cold then? Ice? Water? Ice cream? Ok my explanation is non sense.

First stop: Normally, generators producing power heats up. Why? because of friction, since it is spinning between magnets.

Second stop: Now, temperature arises when the internal and external heat combines. That is the produced heat by the generators and the environmental heat produced by the summer heat. 

Third stop: coolants for generators can no longer stop the heat.

Fourth stop: so the solution? Schedule the utility of the said generators. Example, instead of turning all the generators 1, 2, 3 to 10. They will just turn the generators from 1 to 5, then wait for a couple of hours maybe 10 hours to turn generators 6 to 10.

Fifth stop: the result? Scheduled power interruption.

These power interruptions is killing online businesses. Just imagine 10 hours of no power means 10 hours of no works. Not unless if you are an affiliate marketer, which may give you residual income online even though you are sleeping. But if you are a mere worker or employee, it would surely kill your job eventually. So let your boss know about our problems about power interruptions, or else you will be kicked.


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