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What is an article writer?

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An Article Writer is an online worker specialized in writing content for a specific niche or topic. This particular job entails high level of written English communication skill.

What are the skills needed?

But being an expert in grammar and spelling is not enough skills to be an effective article writer. One should also possess a good SEO skill that means a good utilization and optimization of keywords in the entire article. One should also have a basic knowledge, but not a requirement, in areas of article submission, sites like ezine, wordpress, hubpages goarticles and alike are few of the sites where articles are submitted.

What are responsibilities of an article writer?

Basically, an article writer is responsible in writing articles in a particular niche, keyword, or topic. Aside from writing, he or she might also be asked to set-up accounts in article submission sites. An original article may also be asked to be re-written to be submitted in those said sites.

Is Online Article writing the same with Published Essay writing?

In terms of structure, both articles look the same but basically they are not. A 500-word published essay is designed to be read and fully understood from top to bottom for around three (3) to five (5) minutes. While on the other hand, Online Articles should only be read and understood from top to bottom for about 30 seconds. This is achieved by laying down very important information and avoiding flowery or filler words to make it look long.

What makes a good article?

A good article should be search engine optimized, that means its content is fully relevant to its title, topic and niche. Keywords and main thought should be found on the main sentence, with supporting sentences and examples. Keyword density of the topic is also very important and should only be in the bracket of around 2-3%.

How long should an article be?

Average and optimized length of an article is in the 500-word count. 300 words is the minimum word count for a short article to be considered serious by article submission sites. 750 words is the maximum length of an article to make it readable to general audience. Longer articles tend to be boring thus 750-word is the best limitation of length.

What is the salary expectation?

There can two common ways an article writer is compensated. The first way is thru quota basis and the second one is the per-article basis. There are also freelancers who accept per-project basis, this is for non-permanent positions and are paid right after the submission of the project. In quota basis, to be paid with a fixed rate monthly, bi-monthly or weekly, a specified number of articles or quota should be hit. Say for example, in order to be paid 250$ a month, an article writer should write 5 articles a day for 5 days to hit 100 articles per month. Per-article basis is calculated depending on the output or number of articles produced. This is the best way of paying article writers on the starting level because of its low-risk rate. You only pay what you get and be paid on what you write. An article normally cost 1.5$ to 10$ depending on the length, quality and complexity. Some might even go higher than 10$ and some might even get lower than 1.5$ depending on the specification of the desired output.


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