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16$ Hyped Experience with Fiverr in Less than an Hour

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I am a member of Fiverr for just like less than 3 weeks but I had been getting hyped already because of my positive experiences and I just made 16$ in less than an hour. For those who don’t know Fiverr, well I will ask you why don’t you know it? Gosh!

check it out here: (not a referral link, ok)

First stop, Fiverr is a site that lets you sell something or anything for 5$ that is why it is called Fiverr. You can sell anything you can from stuffs you think is val
ued 5$ to services that is worth 5$.

Second stop, Yes, I am an avid seller there and I sell services for 5$.

So what are you selling specifically?

Third Stop, I sell Facebook profile banners. Not just ordinary banners, but they are hand-made creatively picked banners.

Fourth stop, why I wrote this blog? I am so hyped with my buyers comments on my finished products. They just love my speed and how I made their Facebook pages look more professional and eye-catching not mentioning that I earned 16$ in less than an hour.

Fifth stop, was introduced to me by a friend, he said he earned 4$ there just byselling a gig. What’s a gig? And why 4$, since you said everything sold is 5$? Ok, Ok, A gig is the term they used to something being sold there. And every sold gig, fiverr will take 1$ from your revenue that serves as a tax (it is not actually a tax, it’s like a commission from their part).

Sixth stop, if you are an online ninja or worker trying to find something extra money online, please do take away of those PTC sites. It just isn’t worth your time. I tried a lot of PTC’s and took me 3 months before I earn my first 10$, trust me, it’s a big shit waste of time.

Seventh stop, compared to I sold and delivered gigs for 4 buyers in less than an hour, giving me 16$ in that same hour(want Ninja tips? it is free, c'mon I don't sell information only gigs and services. I will tell you here online ninja). And the good thing, you get to withdraw it after just only 2 weeks upon the time it is credited. No need to wait months and even years. It is real earned money.

Eighth stop is my tips on getting buyers buy your gig and it will be posted here. Check it out online ninjas!


Jayson said...


Jayson said...

way to go guys!!!

facebooklifelessons said...


jamezreed said...

great post! helpful

megrayenbalmadres said...

Nice one..!! Helpful masyadoo..!! Keep it UP.. :)

Jayson said...

@meg: thanks a lot!

Mark said...

This site is amazing! It's an online trading of services at all kind -from highly technical programming to weirdest palm reading--all for $5!

It's been almost 6 months since I started joining Fiverr, and so far I already sold quite number of gigs (as my part-time hobby). The transaction is very simple, u post ur gig, somebody will order it and payment can be automatically transferred to ur Paypal as soon as u completed and delivered the order. The secret here is the more positive feedback your get from your buyers, the most likely your gig can be sold to future prospect buyers. So quality of delivered work matters here. Moreover, this site can also be beneficial to online companies and employers who wants to outsource some of their micro projects online at the very cheap cost - $5.

CJ said...

Great info coach! Gotta try this....Thanks! Pero gasunggo jud kos comment before aning akoa.

Jayson said...

Thank you Mark, I sooo love this site na! the ultimate secret is to make quality work done and at a reasonable rate. Coz some submits 'work done' at a very fast rate but very poor quality. Some are of good quality but submits at an extremely slow pace, even way past their estimated time of delivery.

Submit 'work done' maybe around half the time of your estimated time of delivery will surely have a great impact on buyer's impression and make it really nice.

Been to fiverr in just 3 weeks and wew! can't imagine the number of traffic I had had with my gigs! wew! ncie part time!

Ivywitching said...

This sounds interesting!

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