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5 Fast and Effective Re-Writing Methods

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In order for your page content not to be indexed as plagiarized or “copy-pasted” here are the 5 simple and effective ways on how to re-write an article fast and easy:

1. Keep the meaning of your text very close to the original article. It is very necessary to stick to the idea of the original content. Re-writing an article can also be compared to as being trapped in a quick-sand. Try to bear with it instead of fighting against it and your life will be spared. Try not to add your own idea so that you will not be trapped in the quick sand of thoughts.

2. Make it Less wordy. (Avoid using "flowery” words). Try to convey your ideas straight forwardly. Adding flowery words to make your content look long is not helpful. Try to remember KISS, Keep It Short and Simple.

3. Avoid unusual expressions. Using idiomatic expressions without explaining why you used that expression in your content or article will not help your readers. You will just leave them blank. Use words and expressions that are very reader-friendly and can be easily understood. Using the equivalent synonym of the word from the original article will not also help you if it doesn’t fit in the context of the sentence.

4. The number of words should be close to the original content. It could be 10-15% more but no need to fill your article with "filler" sentences. This is simply a reminder of the tip/guideline number 2.

5. Keep keyword density to 2-3%. Keyword density is the ratio of a keyword over the total number of words in the article. It is the percent count of how many times a keyword has occurred in the entire content. Say for example you have a 500-word article and in the entire article, the keyword phrase ‘eating disorder’ was mentioned 10 times. To get the keyword density, it would be 10(number of keyword occurrences) divided by 500(total number of words) then multiply the quotient by 100(to get the percentage) so that is 2%. Download and use \Dupefree Pro to immediately check keyword density. It also compare the two articles for duplication and plagiarism. A video tutorial on how to re-write an article can be seen here.

You might have heard also about article or word spinning. We will discuss “Article Spinner: To Use or Not to Use?” which will give you a clear overview of what is article/word spinning and why should or should not use it.


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