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Simple yet Effective Reward Methods to Motivate Online Workers

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Motivating an ace home-based worker can be very challenging to ensure is or her loyalty and trust for you. Unlike Office workers, online workers are not monitored for almost 8 hours of work a day. You only get to talk to them at the end of the work hour virtually. Take note, both of you are only communicating virtually which means, if you had read the article “5 Reward Methods Effective to Motivate Employees without any Salary Increase”, you can surely not use all of the five reward methods since it is designed for face-to-face working environment.

In motivating your online workers, you should try to classify your employees to three divisions:

1. Creative Workers. They are the workers that use creative thinking when doing their job.

2. Administrative Workers. They are the ones that use technical skills and fulfill administrative tasks.

3. Managerial Workers. They are the ones that use leadership and managerial skills most of the time in their job.

After identifying the classification of your employees, you can now identify which reward method is best for those groups of people to effectively reward them. You might not device the 5 most common effective ways of rewarding employees, but you can definitely follow the following reward methods to motivate online workers.

For Creative Workers:

Quality Time

Quality time could be one of the best rewards you can give to creative thinker. Quality time like additional paid vacation days or longer holiday breaks is some examples of quality time reward. In Japan, especially Canon Company, they give their employees shorter daily work hours, instead of 12 hours they lower it down to 8 hours for their employees to render more time for their family.

Appreciative feedbacks

A daily appreciative feedback is very essential in motivating creative thinkers. Constructive criticisms are also considered appreciative feedback when delivered on the right manner and time. It is very important that the creativity of the person is always fed by feedbacks from you. In this way, they will never run out of ideas and thoughts and it will also serve as a spring board of growth.

For Administrative Workers:

Directly Proportional Compensation

Administrative workers are best motivated with salaries that increase in proportion to their efforts. The harder, the longer, the more complex the higher a task should be paid. But the best way to do this is to have a periodical salary increase. Say for example, you may agree to have a salary increase every month and a sudden increase when the result expectation is doubled. That is how administrative workers are motivated aside from daily appreciative feedbacks.

For Managerial Workers:

Combinatorial Approach

A combination of directly proportional income and quality work time-space environment is best for employees with such responsibility. Since they possess leadership skill, it is also best to give a combination of two reward types. Google, Facebook and other large companies implement this type of reward for their employees to keep them motivated and maintain a high quality results and production.

Learning person’s psychological anatomy is very essential especially when you are handling them. Since we are talking about online workers, try learning more about them here.


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