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Easter Sunday Marks New Breed of Online Ninjas

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First Stop, it’s Easter Sunday so I would like to greet all Christian online ninjas a happy day of resurrection. Easter symbolizes Christ’s resurrection from the dead, and marked the new beginning of mankind’s life.

Second stop, I was opening skimming on my Facebook page when I came across with a photo album of a child that seemed to be doing something in a laptop.

Third stop, I said to myself “Will this be the future of newly born kids today? A new breed of online ninjas?”. Below is the image of the baby I saw today with a laptop.

This image was posted on this album, and for more images of this cute little baby ninja, you may find it here.

Fourth and Last stop, today is a very important day. No bunny costumes or egg hunting activities can replace the day’s meaning. A simple reflection for you: John 3:16 “Because God loved the world so much, that He is willing to give away His only son, so that who may believe in Him shall not suffer but instead have an everlasting life”. Happy Easter Sunday everyone!!!


Jenny said...

cute kaayo oi!!! <3

Anonymous said...

Super cute...^^

Neo said...

This is cute pic.

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