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May 1 is a Legal Non-working Holiday but its Sunday

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According to the Philippine List of Holidays, May 1 is a National Non-working Legal Holiday, sad thing it falls Sunday this year (sad face). Meaning to say, it is legally and normally no work day. How some of us wish it falls Friday or at least Monday.

For those of you who don't know what is the significance of this day this, I will be asking you back, why the heck you don't know it? It is already obvious on its name.

Ok, Labor day is the celebration of worker's hard work and labor. As Sophocles said "Without labor nothing prospers". Nobody prospers with lazy hands. So at least once in every year, we have to celebrate our being laborious.

The History? Ok, I am not a history savvy person, but what I knew it started in 1903 when Philippines is still under the American rule. And here is the full story of the Labor Day history.


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