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5 Outsourcing Mistakes You Should Never Follow

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For all Online Ninjas out there, we all had outsourcing mistakes, I even outsource jobs and made mistakes. I am always asked: what do you think is the best way to outsource your work? I replied, then what could be the worst mistake you should never follow?

Ok, what is outsourcing then? For those who don’t know what is outsourcing is, it is simply giving the task to an outbound employee either local or abroad. You pay for the work done online, something like that.

As a Filipino online ninja worker, I am being outsourced and also I outsource for my personal use, like doing the Wordpress stuff and programming, fields which I don’t have the strength.

Ok, so what could be the worst thing an outsourcer does in outsourcing his task?

First stop:  Over expecting. Expecting somebody to do all the online chores for you is a very big outsourcing mistake. Why? If you are looking for a person who has a good command in written and oral English, who is good in back linking and link building, who is good in all programming languages and who is good in all aspects of office application, guess what? That person doesn’t exist, or if he exists, he is probably 1 out of a million online workers.

Second Stop: Task giving and not Job Giving. Trying to hire somebody, giving him loads of tasks and then let him work for you for a trail period without pay, isn’t a good idea at all. Why? It is like tricking the person and two nobody’s going to work for a task that will assure him no job at all. Give him a job then you give him tasks. You might give him a paid 1-week trial period. If everything goes well, go on and continue working together. If not, find another.

Third stop: Has no objective or goals. Giving him mere instructions is not effective. Give him or her idea of your desired results. Give him/her grounds or objectives or goals to meet, not just instructions to follow.

Fourth stop: Don’t communicate and don’t build relationship. Communication is very important between the two of you. Why? It gives the outsourcing employer a real time overview of what is happening to the tasks. And it gives the outsourced employee security and trust. Build relationship and you will surely reap its fruits.

Fifth Stop: Don’t Pay on time or don’t pay at all. The worst mistake of all is not paying. Just imagine yourself not getting paid for an effort? Or if you pay, it is always late or delayed; just explain why the pay is late. Just don’t make it a habit r else you will be left alone.

Follow these 5 simple outsourcing mistakes and you will surely fail. These are just 5 simple steps for you to follow if you want to fail in your outsourcing needs. Just a reminder, never follow them.


virtual friend said...

I agree. On your first stop, basically an employer should be able to break down the labor. This issue reminds me of an email I had few months ago from a prospective client trying to hire somebody. He described in the email the job description of the job. He said, he wanted somebody to write 10 500-word original SEO optimized article then re-writes each of it, making it 20 articles per day including the re-writes. Then the original articles will be submitted to him, while the 10 re-writes will be submitted to various article directories. After that, I have to do the back linking for each of the articles. I also have to do the keyword and niche research. I will also be the one who is going to set-up th Wordpress blog and do the programming and daily maintenance. Those stuff will be done for 8 hours a day.

Ok basically, those things can be done, but not in 8 hours. And the pay? He pays 1.5$ an hour. Imagine how much he saved for hiring a single person doing multi-tasks. So I responded to his email, that keyword research has a different rate per hour. Article writing has also a different rate per hours, so as programming and maintaining the site. Back linking and blog commenting has a different rate too. After that, I never heard from him again.

You see, if you are trying to look for a back linker, programmer, article writer, researcher, web developer, and virtual assistant in one person you will definitely loose time since they never existed. And if they do, they will never accept such a meager price.

That was my experience though. At least now I love my own boss. He treats me and my team mates well, financially.

Jayson said...

I surely prefer communication. A virtual employee and a virtual boss should definitely build a strong relationship with each other. TRUST is the foremost investment in any outsourcing business. If you don't have trust in your business, you will definitely fail. It can be acquired through constant communication with your boss or employees. Basically, everything will just fall perfectly in to place when you have a solid relationship with each other. You don't have to work as a boss-employee team. I worked in a tutorial center before, and our boss is like our co-worker. He treats us as friends not as employees. He keeps in touch with us all the time and that makes his employees loyal to him. If it were not for my thesis, I would not leave his company. said...

those things can be done, but not in 8 hours.but really informative.
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