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Trust and Honesty for Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and Snacks

“…at the end of the day, TRUST and HONESTY are the things that hold you working together.”

Our very first guest to our hot seat is Online Ninja Head Writer Cheetahrr. She is an experienced Article Writer and Virtual Assistant as well. She has been an online worker for almost a year now. She had worked with various freelancing jobs like making e-books and making video tutorials. And today we are going to share some of her insights about working online.

What are your daily tasks or activities in your current job?

-“I basically write articles, post these articles, set up different article directories, web 2.0 posts, and other stuff.”

What is the most important part in your job?

-“The most important part is of course to write articles”

What is the most fulfilling part in your job?

-“The most fulfilling part in my job is when I finish all the articles in a day and see them posted immediately to the Wordpress and other article directories.”

What is the most difficult part of your job?

-“The most difficult part in my job is to WRITE on the same niche again and again and again and again. It is repetitive, you get to lose ideas. It is very challenging and difficult.”

What is the easiest?

-“The easiest part is posting the articles.”

Are you paid well? How would you take your pay? Is it enough, higher or lower than your expectations?

-“Yes, they pay me promptly. My pay is just enough.”

What is the best lesson you could get in your job?

-“Being honest is the best lesson I could get in my job. You got to be very fortunate having very kind employers so you got to be HONEST with them. Indeed, they are not there to watch over you while you finish your tasks but at the end of the day, TRUST and HONESTY are the things that hold you working together.”

Experience is a very good teacher, but other people's experience is the best teacher. You don’t have to experience hardship in life just to learn. Just learn from people’s experiences and you are way to go.

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What is a Virtual Assistant?

A Virtual Assistant is a person who literally works as an assistant to an outbound employee. He or she does the basic to the most complex tasks instructed by the outsourcing employee. As a VA or short for Virtual Assistant, he or she hands down daily reports and activities of the day.

What are the activities?

Basically, the activities, tasks and responsibilities of a VA is very broad. One can be classified as :

IM VA or Internet Marketing Virtual Assistant is a VA who is tasked to do the internet marketing stuff like link building, social networking marketing and site or article submission.

WRITING VA is a VA who is tasked to write blog comments and is expected to submit comments to some blogs sites and forums, and spin or re-write an article and submits or posts it to various article directory sites.

RESEARCH VA is a VA whose main task is to do researches. A skill in Google Adwords and using software like Market Samurai can be an edge for this job. Another task of a research VA is to search email addresses or contact information to directories and submits it as a report. He or she could also be tasked to find High Page Rank sites and DO-Follow site for the IM VA and Writing VA to work on.

What should one possess?

A broad knowledge in computer and internet is the very requirement. One should have a strong background in Microsoft Office and other applications. Fast typing skill is also an edge but not a requirement. A keen eye for detail and being systematically organized are keys in being a successful Virtual Assistant.

What is the salary expectation?

Basically, an 8-hour work is good for an average hourly rate of 2-5$ an hour depending on the experience, skill, complexity or nature of the tasks. Monthly salary of virtual assistants varies from Php 8,000 to Php 16,000 a month for 8 hours a day 5 days a week work as a starting salary depending again on the factors mentioned.

If being a VA is what you want to choose as a career, you can read further some articles about the great qualities of a good VA and how to improve your basic skills and fully optimize your skills. If you intend for other career, you can see other opportunities waiting for you to unveil just right above the selection corner above the title of this article.

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