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7 Reasons Why I Would Not Work on Traditional Hands-On Job

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A lot of people are asking me “why don’t you get traditional hands on job?” and I responded “Why would I?” Being a home-based worker has its disadvantages too, but its advantages outweigh its disadvantages.

First stop: You don’t have to worry about what to wear. Sure thing about online working, I don’t have to make sure my uniform is wrinkle free. I just have to make sure my PC is dust-free.

Second stop: You don’t have to worry about the allowance. That’s the good thing about being at home, since I am working at home, no need for me to allocate something for my allowance.

Third stop: You don’t have to worry what to ride. I live in a remote area, where the only way for you to reach the highway is a single-type motorcycle. What if it rains? Or What if it is raining? What if it is too sunny or gloomy? I don’t have to get pissed with the driver and my co-passengers.

Fourth stop: You don’t have to worry about getting late. As an online worker, my daily routines is wake up, take a shower, and eat, then go in front of my computer and work. If I want to take a break, I can go to my backyard for a while and breathe some fresh air.

Firth stop: You get pay way higher with a little effort compared to tradition hands on job. Since the employers are from abroad, they get to pay you in dollars, which is about 42 times higher than our Peso.

Sixth Stop: You stay at the comfort and safety of your own home. You don’t have to worry about snatchers and getting bumped by a car. You are safe and sound in your own home that’s for sure.

Seventh and the most important stop: you spend more time with your family. Since I stay at home a lot, I get to spend my time to my family instead of spending my tie waiting for a bus ride or eating at the canteen. I get to spend with my family.


Joanna said...

I totally agree! Why should we go apply for "real-world jobs" when we can work at the comfort of our own homes and get paid twice as much? Nevertheless, there are still drawbacks when one decides to work at home. One is the stability and security of the job. It is quite questionable especially if you are working with someone who is a neophyte in the internet marketing world. Another is the fact that we neglect or often take paying our benefits (like SSS, Philhealth, Pag-ibig, etc.) voluntarily for granted because of sluggishness. But whatever downsides there are in working home based, I still would prefer to continue working like this as it gives me the opportunity to earn a living while taking care of my family and kids at the same time.

Maldito y Maldita said...

so how do you exactly start working at home? i mean, i have an ordinary job, boring at times and i want to explore my other options and one is to work at home. can you give my some advise? btw, check out my blog. I'm also planning to do an article regarding working at home. so i need more knowledge hehe. THANK YOU!!!! Tsup mwah

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