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Fiverr Fever: 10 Tips on How to Drive Fiverr Buyers in your Gig

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From my previous blog about my hyped 16$ in less than an hour experience with Fiverr, I gave you an overview of what Fiverr is and now I will give you simple but sure tips to drive buyers in your gig. But first you have to know that being in to Fiverr is like also selling. You are the Seller and the clients are the Buyers. Unlike job posting sites, the clients or employers are the ones posting their needs. But in Fiverr, the ones posting are the sellers or the employers with the services and products they could offer for 5$.

Can we go to the tips now? Ok

First stop, I will ask you “Have you made an account already?” If you do, let us proceed to the second stop. If you haven’t made and account yet, well get your ass working with it. Go to their site and return here. Just type in your browser’s search bar and then register.

Second stop, create a catchy line or phrase. You can base your gigs on buyer's suggested or requested gigs found on the right side of the page. As you can see, when you are in Fiverr. Each gig starts with “I will” and ends with “for 5$” which means, in between those phrases, you will insert your catchy gig. Of course, you should not put a catchy title line that is too good to be true just to drive buyers. Never offer what you can’t deliver, that is the rule of the thumb, or else they will leave a negatve remark on your review page. And that will lead me to the…

Third stop, which is having a good reputation. Make sure you deliver your work with quality standards. Make your buyers happy, and when they are happy, encourage them to leave a rating and a comment to your review page. Why? Because other buyers will tend to buy gigs with good reviews on it and with good rating. So always make your buyers happy and ask them to leave a comment I got 3 gigs so far, and got 10 out of 10 positive reviews
Fourth stop is to build a relationship with your buyers. Rate them if you want. You see, you are in fiverr on the sole purpose of earning money, but how will you earn money if you don’t have repeat orders or buyers. Build a relationship with your buyers and they will surely recommend your gig to other buyers too.

comments under lamchops9's gig (a featured gig)

Fifth Stop, just make everything clear, from the title to the description and instructions. This will save time and effort.

Sixth,  I put 4 or 5 days as my maximum date of delivery for simple tasks. Why 4 or 5 days? To give me an allowance just instead fiverr communication broke or I slept away or any other reason. Because when you submit a finished task past your estimated time of delivery, the buyer will have the full option to cancel it and it is such a waste of time.

Seventh, you might be wondering with the “full option to cancel the order” don’t buyers have that option from the start? NO, they don’t have that option. Once an order is placed for your gig and delivered it on time or faster, and even the buyer hated your work so much, they have no option but to accept it. Only that, they will surely give you a rotten tomato review. That is why on the third stop, I discussed how important delivering a good quality work.

Eight stop, if you are not sure with your buyers order, don’t be shy to ask him about it. Discuss with him what he wants and how he wants it. If you still don’t agree with what he is trying to make you do, try asking him to mutually cancel the order. You can find the MUTUAL CANCELLATION BUTTON under “got problems” tab. Never deliver a work that is uncertain. It will have a big impact on the quality

Ninth stop; upload an image that will represent what you are offering. Make it as clear as possible. The description page only gives you 450 characters for you to type in so most definitely; you cannot express everything you want to say. Instead, put it in pictures. Pictures express a thousand words so make use of its full potential.

Tenth stop, honestly, I haven’t uploaded a video on my gig yet. But if you have the guts to make a video of yourself to promote you gig, do make it. It will increase your traffic rate. Almost all the featured gigs have videos attached on it marketing their gig. So make one.

If you still don't get it, move your butt and click the "HOW DOES IT WORK" button on their home page.


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