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Juicing Up Your Brain But Still Enjoy Writing Articles

One of the most tormenting jobs I had is writing articles. I never enjoyed it, and it seemed my brain is already burnt out when I start to strike a key again. But not until I read about juicing up your brain's power while enjoying. 

Before I knew about this technique, I can write about five to six articles before my brain starts to cramp. After knowing this technique, I can write about 10 or more articles and can still make a blog for the day without the stress. This particular technique has been known to ma since its discovery. What I read about this technique is that it has been used by geniuses like Albert Einstein, Beethoven, Marie Curie, Thomas Edison and other great thinkers of all time.

So how could it be related to article writing? This technique simply enhances your brain waves. Basically, when our mind is coupled with stress and pressure, it's brain waves can be compared to Britney Spear's dead hair flying all over as the blower starts to power up on her face. So basically, it's a mess. 

This techniques will enable your brain to be neutralized and produce alpha and gamma waves. Alpha and Gamma waves are the brain waves that induces creativity. These are the waves that are our brains produce during after sleeping. That is the reason why, when we study right after we sleep, we have a good retention of the subject being studied or memorized. 

So what is this technique? It is sometimes called the Mozart Effect or the Baroque Effect. It is the technique of listening to a baroque music while writing or doing mentally-engaging chores like memorizing, studying, or meditating. 

Yes, you can download a lot of baroque music in the internet and you can play that as a back ground while you are doing your stuff. I personally, don't like the idea of listening to it. It is just a plain musical instrument usually piano and violin. But after trying it and seeing the benefits, I am getting excited about it. I am enjoying every moment I am writing an article. 

Why don't you try it your self? What particular music to download? Just type in "baroque music". I personally listen to Mozart's, Beethoven's, and Chopin's. Try Swan Lake it's also nice. Good luck and enjoy writing!
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Watch Fast & Furious Five: Rio Heist 2011(Full) Movie for Free

Fast & Furious, Dominic is back in the lane with his crew, but with the wrong side of the law. They will try to find their right way in the middle of a ruthless drug lord and an unrelenting federal agent.

Nah! Just watch it. It is kinda low quality. Obviously it is taken from a big screen. But at least it's viewable.

NOTE: Don't Click the PLAY button(at the side) and DOWNLOAD button yet, wait until a square banner says "Hide Ad and Play Video" click it and then click the watermarked Play button(at the center NOT AT THE SIDE)

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Watch Beastly 2011(Full) Movie for Free

For those who missed the opening of Beastly 2011, you can watch the full movie streaming here. 

The movie is like a modern Beauty and the Beast. Jennifer Hudgens played the role as the "substance over style" young lady whom Alex Pettyfer fell in love to after he was transformed into a gross scar-faced beastly guy. 

Oh well just watch the movie.

NOTE: Don't Click the PLAY button(at the side) and DOWNLOAD button yet, wait until a square banner says "Hide Ad and Play Video" click it and then click the watermarked Play button(at the center NOT AT THE SIDE)

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Why I used Drop Box in Handing Over Files Online

Drop Box saves me with a big mess handing over files to my clients or co-workers online. One stuff I hate the most is when I have to send files to my clients or co-worker by attaching them through email. Why? I have to wait, wait and wait. And the worst part? I cannot attach huge files like videos and high definition photos. Good thing they invented Drop Box.

It is basically a file synchronization tool which lets you upload and download files without the hassle of opening a page, logging in, and waiting to upload or waiting to download. Basically, once this tool is installed in your computer’s system, you will just have to open its folder and drop everything there.

Here’s how the folder look like. 

You can see a little green check mark on the icons. It means, the folder and the files inside it were already synchronized to Drop Box’s server and to the people whom you are sharing those folders with. The green check mark becomes swirly blue when you had just recently dropped/dragged something into those folders. 

It means that it is still uploading to Drop Box’s Servers to be synchronized to those whom you are sharing with. When somebody is trying to share something with you, a small notice call out will be shown to you. And you can see it after the synchronization is complete.

For me it is a big time saver. I don’t have to worry about upload and download. I just have to drag the file to the folder and voila!

But here’s the catch, you are only allocated 2 Gigabytes initially. Why initially? Because you can have as much as 8 Gigabytes. How? When you invite your friends or refer anyone to register on your referral link, and that person registers and downloads the Drop Box tool (since you have to install it in your system), you get an additional 250 MB of free space. You can refer as many people as you can but it will only have a maximum bonus of up to 8 GB. If you want more than that, you can have a paid account, and have as much as 40 GB and beyond. The storage capacity you have with your Drop Box will be taken from your hard drive. So, basically, you can’t have an 80 GB plan if you only have 40 GB of hard drive storage.

So why am I telling you this? Basically I will be giving you my referral link. Ok the great part about registering through a referral link is that, I am not the only one benefitted. The person who registers under a referral link will also have additional bonus storage of 250 MB in his/her initial Drop Box storage giving him/her 2.250 GB of initial storage. Cool thing right? Ok here’s my referral link:

Now on my next blog about Drop Box, I will be giving you cool ninja tips on how to host any kind of files using drop box. Yes! You heard it right, you can host even java script, zip and rar files and many other essential files you need to be hosted. So keep updates and subscribe to my blog’s rss or any subscription method. It’s all free, don’t be shy.
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Watch Thor 2011(Full) Movie for Free

I just watched Thor, 2011 and it is the best, not to forget it is totally free. Thanks to the people who uploaded it! 

The effects were totally awesome and really cool! Though the plot seemed to be very predictable, but c'mon the cast were cool. Natalie Portman's the bomb and Chris Hemsworth is the man!

NOTE: Don't Click the PLAY button(at the side) and DOWNLOAD button yet, wait until a square banner says "Hide Ad and Play Video" click it and then click the watermarked Play button(at the center NOT AT THE SIDE)

If you have any problems with the embedded video, try this one:Thor.2011.TS.XViD-IMAGiNE.flv - 389.5 MB

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Where is Osama's Body Mr. Obama? Is He really Dead?

Osama Bin Ladden isn’t dead unless the government releases authentic proofs of his death. Don’t they(the government )feel they already look conspirators by not showing proofs of his death? They said, they will be hunting him down, and then now they just dumped his dead body in the ocean to be eaten by sharks. Do they really think we are that stupid?

Ok considering Osama's a Muslim, and a dead Muslim body should be buried 24 hours after death, but why in the ocean? 

These FAKE pictures of Osama, specially Osama's blown face has been circulating in the web a couple of minutes after Obama announced his death.

Thumbs up for Photoshop! And this particular photo below really made my day.

 Osama in a US hospital room, recovering. What a Ninja! This is what Obama meant about "they took custody of his(Osama) body"
photo taken from here.

Let us see some of our Yahoo Answer friends have something to say about this:

How about you? What is your stand about this? Do you have any updates about this issue? Post some comments below!
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Downloading Movies with the Fastest Internet Download Software Ever

Downloading movies is my favorite hobby every after work. I download an average of 1 movie per day, around half a Gig in size and in lightweight .flv format.

What player I use? I use Gom Player. It is basically a free file playing software that can play almost all types of media files even flash videos.

What downloader I use? I use IDM or Internet Download Manager; it can either be trial or paid version. But I get a crack version in Piratebay. For me and my friends, it is the most powerful download tool in the face of the internet (ok, such an exaggeration). When it is downloading something, it somehow serves as a magnifying glass. It is utilizing almost all your link speed to make the download lightning fast compared to the usual browser downloader. You can adjust the number of ports or connections it can use to adjust its speed utility. For me, I maximize my speed usage by setting its port connection to the maximum of 16 ports. 

Look at how it utilizes my link speed. Ctrl + alt + Del to show task manager, then select the Networking tab to show the link speed and internet behavior graph.(yeah, I am downloading THOR, 2011)

The disadvantage of course is that, if you are trying to browse the internet while you are setting your IDM to its maximum full gear, most probably you will get real slow browsing speed, since it is being eaten up by IDM.

The great thing also about IDM is that you can immediately download any streaming videos from Youtube, Faceook and other video streaming sites, as long as you are using Firefox or Chrome. Below is how IDM integrates itself in those mentioned browsers. A small button appears just beside the playing video giving you an option to download it, usually in .flv format.

What about you? What is your experience in downloading movies? What downloader do you use? Leave some comments below and sharing is caring!

Oh before I forget, if you have no idea where to download movies, use my link above "Watch Free Movies" tab. You will be redirected to a site where streaming videos are totally free. Enjoy!
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May 1 is a Legal Non-working Holiday but its Sunday

According to the Philippine List of Holidays, May 1 is a National Non-working Legal Holiday, sad thing it falls Sunday this year (sad face). Meaning to say, it is legally and normally no work day. How some of us wish it falls Friday or at least Monday.

For those of you who don't know what is the significance of this day this, I will be asking you back, why the heck you don't know it? It is already obvious on its name.

Ok, Labor day is the celebration of worker's hard work and labor. As Sophocles said "Without labor nothing prospers". Nobody prospers with lazy hands. So at least once in every year, we have to celebrate our being laborious.

The History? Ok, I am not a history savvy person, but what I knew it started in 1903 when Philippines is still under the American rule. And here is the full story of the Labor Day history.
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160th Anniversary of First World's Fair: Not for Ninjas

Unlike Ninjas, Prince Albert took the initiative to show-off their country's and other countries' pride through the First World's Fair in 1851 held in The Crystal Palace in Hyde Park, celebrating its 160th anniversary today, May 1, calling it "The Great Exhibition". It is an exhibit of the participating nations' manufactured goods and products, one way of telling the world they are great. Though Ninjas exhibit a great skill and talent, they never show it off for public eyes' satisfaction but instead it is for the satisfaction of the soul to keep.

This is a perspective of the soon to be built "The Crystal Palace"

Very Nostalgic Image of "The Crystal Palace". It seems I am looking in an old twenty-Philippine Peso bill.

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Merceditas Gutierrez: Online Ninja

You might be wondering why online ninja? Doesn't she look online? I mean On the Line?

Oh well, she resigns. With an overwhelming 212-46 vote by the House of Representatives to impeach her, she definitely has nothing to do with it. I still hail her Ninja, at least she knows the meaning of the word "delekadesa".

Actually she went personally to PNoy 10 am this day(Friday) to submit her resignation letter, saying "Effective May 6, I am resigning my office. Even as a private citizen, I will still support the efforts of government in stamping out corruption". Ok whatever.

You might want to read more about the story here.
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Princess Kate's Sexy Ninja Pose Revealed

Princess Kate Middleton of Wales' sexy Ninja moves(It is not what you think it is, the smiley's just for discretion). A real Ninja has it's own moves, aside from marks on her legs, and Princess Kate is! Best Wishes!

Original Unedited Photo taken from here.
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5 Outsourcing Mistakes You Should Never Follow

For all Online Ninjas out there, we all had outsourcing mistakes, I even outsource jobs and made mistakes. I am always asked: what do you think is the best way to outsource your work? I replied, then what could be the worst mistake you should never follow?

Ok, what is outsourcing then? For those who don’t know what is outsourcing is, it is simply giving the task to an outbound employee either local or abroad. You pay for the work done online, something like that.

As a Filipino online ninja worker, I am being outsourced and also I outsource for my personal use, like doing the Wordpress stuff and programming, fields which I don’t have the strength.

Ok, so what could be the worst thing an outsourcer does in outsourcing his task?

First stop:  Over expecting. Expecting somebody to do all the online chores for you is a very big outsourcing mistake. Why? If you are looking for a person who has a good command in written and oral English, who is good in back linking and link building, who is good in all programming languages and who is good in all aspects of office application, guess what? That person doesn’t exist, or if he exists, he is probably 1 out of a million online workers.

Second Stop: Task giving and not Job Giving. Trying to hire somebody, giving him loads of tasks and then let him work for you for a trail period without pay, isn’t a good idea at all. Why? It is like tricking the person and two nobody’s going to work for a task that will assure him no job at all. Give him a job then you give him tasks. You might give him a paid 1-week trial period. If everything goes well, go on and continue working together. If not, find another.

Third stop: Has no objective or goals. Giving him mere instructions is not effective. Give him or her idea of your desired results. Give him/her grounds or objectives or goals to meet, not just instructions to follow.

Fourth stop: Don’t communicate and don’t build relationship. Communication is very important between the two of you. Why? It gives the outsourcing employer a real time overview of what is happening to the tasks. And it gives the outsourced employee security and trust. Build relationship and you will surely reap its fruits.

Fifth Stop: Don’t Pay on time or don’t pay at all. The worst mistake of all is not paying. Just imagine yourself not getting paid for an effort? Or if you pay, it is always late or delayed; just explain why the pay is late. Just don’t make it a habit r else you will be left alone.

Follow these 5 simple outsourcing mistakes and you will surely fail. These are just 5 simple steps for you to follow if you want to fail in your outsourcing needs. Just a reminder, never follow them.
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7 Reasons Why I Would Not Work on Traditional Hands-On Job

A lot of people are asking me “why don’t you get traditional hands on job?” and I responded “Why would I?” Being a home-based worker has its disadvantages too, but its advantages outweigh its disadvantages.

First stop: You don’t have to worry about what to wear. Sure thing about online working, I don’t have to make sure my uniform is wrinkle free. I just have to make sure my PC is dust-free.

Second stop: You don’t have to worry about the allowance. That’s the good thing about being at home, since I am working at home, no need for me to allocate something for my allowance.

Third stop: You don’t have to worry what to ride. I live in a remote area, where the only way for you to reach the highway is a single-type motorcycle. What if it rains? Or What if it is raining? What if it is too sunny or gloomy? I don’t have to get pissed with the driver and my co-passengers.

Fourth stop: You don’t have to worry about getting late. As an online worker, my daily routines is wake up, take a shower, and eat, then go in front of my computer and work. If I want to take a break, I can go to my backyard for a while and breathe some fresh air.

Firth stop: You get pay way higher with a little effort compared to tradition hands on job. Since the employers are from abroad, they get to pay you in dollars, which is about 42 times higher than our Peso.

Sixth Stop: You stay at the comfort and safety of your own home. You don’t have to worry about snatchers and getting bumped by a car. You are safe and sound in your own home that’s for sure.

Seventh and the most important stop: you spend more time with your family. Since I stay at home a lot, I get to spend my time to my family instead of spending my tie waiting for a bus ride or eating at the canteen. I get to spend with my family.

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Power Interruption: Guilty for Killing Online Worker's Job

Power interruptions are so much killing the online business of our fellow online ninjas and workers. Summer temperature affected the performance of power utility companies that is the reason of frequent power losses. 

You might be asking why summer heat affects the performance of said companies.

The explanation for that is very simple. When you are in heat what will you do? You need something cold right? Where could you find something cold then? Ice? Water? Ice cream? Ok my explanation is non sense.

First stop: Normally, generators producing power heats up. Why? because of friction, since it is spinning between magnets.

Second stop: Now, temperature arises when the internal and external heat combines. That is the produced heat by the generators and the environmental heat produced by the summer heat. 

Third stop: coolants for generators can no longer stop the heat.

Fourth stop: so the solution? Schedule the utility of the said generators. Example, instead of turning all the generators 1, 2, 3 to 10. They will just turn the generators from 1 to 5, then wait for a couple of hours maybe 10 hours to turn generators 6 to 10.

Fifth stop: the result? Scheduled power interruption.

These power interruptions is killing online businesses. Just imagine 10 hours of no power means 10 hours of no works. Not unless if you are an affiliate marketer, which may give you residual income online even though you are sleeping. But if you are a mere worker or employee, it would surely kill your job eventually. So let your boss know about our problems about power interruptions, or else you will be kicked.
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Fiverr Fever: 10 Tips on How to Drive Fiverr Buyers in your Gig

From my previous blog about my hyped 16$ in less than an hour experience with Fiverr, I gave you an overview of what Fiverr is and now I will give you simple but sure tips to drive buyers in your gig. But first you have to know that being in to Fiverr is like also selling. You are the Seller and the clients are the Buyers. Unlike job posting sites, the clients or employers are the ones posting their needs. But in Fiverr, the ones posting are the sellers or the employers with the services and products they could offer for 5$.

Can we go to the tips now? Ok

First stop, I will ask you “Have you made an account already?” If you do, let us proceed to the second stop. If you haven’t made and account yet, well get your ass working with it. Go to their site and return here. Just type in your browser’s search bar and then register.

Second stop, create a catchy line or phrase. You can base your gigs on buyer's suggested or requested gigs found on the right side of the page. As you can see, when you are in Fiverr. Each gig starts with “I will” and ends with “for 5$” which means, in between those phrases, you will insert your catchy gig. Of course, you should not put a catchy title line that is too good to be true just to drive buyers. Never offer what you can’t deliver, that is the rule of the thumb, or else they will leave a negatve remark on your review page. And that will lead me to the…

Third stop, which is having a good reputation. Make sure you deliver your work with quality standards. Make your buyers happy, and when they are happy, encourage them to leave a rating and a comment to your review page. Why? Because other buyers will tend to buy gigs with good reviews on it and with good rating. So always make your buyers happy and ask them to leave a comment I got 3 gigs so far, and got 10 out of 10 positive reviews
Fourth stop is to build a relationship with your buyers. Rate them if you want. You see, you are in fiverr on the sole purpose of earning money, but how will you earn money if you don’t have repeat orders or buyers. Build a relationship with your buyers and they will surely recommend your gig to other buyers too.

comments under lamchops9's gig (a featured gig)

Fifth Stop, just make everything clear, from the title to the description and instructions. This will save time and effort.

Sixth,  I put 4 or 5 days as my maximum date of delivery for simple tasks. Why 4 or 5 days? To give me an allowance just instead fiverr communication broke or I slept away or any other reason. Because when you submit a finished task past your estimated time of delivery, the buyer will have the full option to cancel it and it is such a waste of time.

Seventh, you might be wondering with the “full option to cancel the order” don’t buyers have that option from the start? NO, they don’t have that option. Once an order is placed for your gig and delivered it on time or faster, and even the buyer hated your work so much, they have no option but to accept it. Only that, they will surely give you a rotten tomato review. That is why on the third stop, I discussed how important delivering a good quality work.

Eight stop, if you are not sure with your buyers order, don’t be shy to ask him about it. Discuss with him what he wants and how he wants it. If you still don’t agree with what he is trying to make you do, try asking him to mutually cancel the order. You can find the MUTUAL CANCELLATION BUTTON under “got problems” tab. Never deliver a work that is uncertain. It will have a big impact on the quality

Ninth stop; upload an image that will represent what you are offering. Make it as clear as possible. The description page only gives you 450 characters for you to type in so most definitely; you cannot express everything you want to say. Instead, put it in pictures. Pictures express a thousand words so make use of its full potential.

Tenth stop, honestly, I haven’t uploaded a video on my gig yet. But if you have the guts to make a video of yourself to promote you gig, do make it. It will increase your traffic rate. Almost all the featured gigs have videos attached on it marketing their gig. So make one.

If you still don't get it, move your butt and click the "HOW DOES IT WORK" button on their home page.

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4 R's to overcome your fear of failure

"4 R's to overcome your fear of failure" was the title of the post my friend posted on her wall as I am scanning my Facebook News feed:

1. REMEMBER that everyone fails.
-Proverbs 24:16

2. REALIZE that failure is not final.
-Exodus 3:1-10

3. RECOGNIZE the benefit of failure. Failures educAtes us & makes us less judgmental.
-Romans 8:28

4. REPLACE your fear w/ faith to God.
-Philippians 4:13

Let Not Failures Define You
Proverbs 24:16 For a righteous man falls seven times

What makes failure and success the same?
they are both not permanent, you have to realize that...

Have Faith always
remember that stars shines the brightest during the darkest hour, have faith

As an online Ninja I always feared to go one step higher than what I knew I am capable of. Why not replace that fear with faith?
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16$ Hyped Experience with Fiverr in Less than an Hour

I am a member of Fiverr for just like less than 3 weeks but I had been getting hyped already because of my positive experiences and I just made 16$ in less than an hour. For those who don’t know Fiverr, well I will ask you why don’t you know it? Gosh!

check it out here: (not a referral link, ok)

First stop, Fiverr is a site that lets you sell something or anything for 5$ that is why it is called Fiverr. You can sell anything you can from stuffs you think is val
ued 5$ to services that is worth 5$.

Second stop, Yes, I am an avid seller there and I sell services for 5$.

So what are you selling specifically?

Third Stop, I sell Facebook profile banners. Not just ordinary banners, but they are hand-made creatively picked banners.

Fourth stop, why I wrote this blog? I am so hyped with my buyers comments on my finished products. They just love my speed and how I made their Facebook pages look more professional and eye-catching not mentioning that I earned 16$ in less than an hour.

Fifth stop, was introduced to me by a friend, he said he earned 4$ there just byselling a gig. What’s a gig? And why 4$, since you said everything sold is 5$? Ok, Ok, A gig is the term they used to something being sold there. And every sold gig, fiverr will take 1$ from your revenue that serves as a tax (it is not actually a tax, it’s like a commission from their part).

Sixth stop, if you are an online ninja or worker trying to find something extra money online, please do take away of those PTC sites. It just isn’t worth your time. I tried a lot of PTC’s and took me 3 months before I earn my first 10$, trust me, it’s a big shit waste of time.

Seventh stop, compared to I sold and delivered gigs for 4 buyers in less than an hour, giving me 16$ in that same hour(want Ninja tips? it is free, c'mon I don't sell information only gigs and services. I will tell you here online ninja). And the good thing, you get to withdraw it after just only 2 weeks upon the time it is credited. No need to wait months and even years. It is real earned money.

Eighth stop is my tips on getting buyers buy your gig and it will be posted here. Check it out online ninjas!

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