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Reasons Why Filipino Online Workers Look for more than One Employer

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Outbound outsourcing employers keep wondering why online Filipino workers engage in having multiple employers. I will lay down to you why some online Filipino employees have more than one employer:

First: Financial Security. Let us face it, the string that holds both of you working together is TRUST and it is a very important thing when working online. Pinoy online workers tend to look for another employer in the fear of losing a job. Reasons like scamming employers where they get no pay after the month’s work could be the worst thing could happen to a worker. So in order to have a security financially, looking for another job or employer is the best thing to do. Here’s the Ninja advice, talk to them personally. Let them meet former employees that you had or let them read feedbacks or reviews about you (if available) for you to gain respect from your employees. Another Ninja Tip, try posting a video blog of yourself for your employees to know that you are real and not a scammer.

Second. Inadequate Compensation. You might not be giving the right price for your employers, so they try to look for another job or employer to satisfy their needs. 200-250$ of income every month with 40 hours per week requirement could be enough for a while but make it increasing. Ninja, try to give them a salary increase either every month or every week (if a certain production is highly satisfied or surpassed). That could give them more motivation to work more and only for you.

Third. Delayed Salary. We work because of the pay and not for the delay. Workers could understand delay, but never make it a hobby to delay ones or else they will find another employer or worse leave you. Here’s the Ninja tip, make your salary bi-monthly or weekly(for newly hired), then eventually, you may agree to make it bi-monthly(to reduce money-transfer cost). Monthly Compensation is less motivating for online workers especially if they are newly hired.

Fourth. Too Demanding or Too Lenient. If you are too demanding or too lenient, the tendency for the employee is to look for another employer to quench their need. If you are too demanding, they will look for a less demanding employer. If you are too lenient, they will tend to look for more adventurous employers.

Fifth. Poor Relationship. This could be the most important among the five reasons. If you see your employees as robots, they will then see you as a mere battery. Employees also have emotions and feelings that need to be fed up. If you are an employee with a good reputation and giving your employees the right compensation timely but without a good working relationship with your employees, they would still look for another job. You need to start building relationship, treat them as friends and as your partners in your business not just mere employees.

These are just five simple but lethal reasons for your business to fail because employees tend to leave you or lack focus on your tasks due to multiple employers. Learn how to turn things around and be a ninja employer.


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