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Where is Osama's Body Mr. Obama? Is He really Dead?

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Osama Bin Ladden isn’t dead unless the government releases authentic proofs of his death. Don’t they(the government )feel they already look conspirators by not showing proofs of his death? They said, they will be hunting him down, and then now they just dumped his dead body in the ocean to be eaten by sharks. Do they really think we are that stupid?

Ok considering Osama's a Muslim, and a dead Muslim body should be buried 24 hours after death, but why in the ocean? 

These FAKE pictures of Osama, specially Osama's blown face has been circulating in the web a couple of minutes after Obama announced his death.

Thumbs up for Photoshop! And this particular photo below really made my day.

 Osama in a US hospital room, recovering. What a Ninja! This is what Obama meant about "they took custody of his(Osama) body"
photo taken from here.

Let us see some of our Yahoo Answer friends have something to say about this:

How about you? What is your stand about this? Do you have any updates about this issue? Post some comments below!


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