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Downloading movies is my favorite hobby every after work. I download an average of 1 movie per day, around half a Gig in size and in lightweight .flv format.

What player I use? I use Gom Player. It is basically a free file playing software that can play almost all types of media files even flash videos.

What downloader I use? I use IDM or Internet Download Manager; it can either be trial or paid version. But I get a crack version in Piratebay. For me and my friends, it is the most powerful download tool in the face of the internet (ok, such an exaggeration). When it is downloading something, it somehow serves as a magnifying glass. It is utilizing almost all your link speed to make the download lightning fast compared to the usual browser downloader. You can adjust the number of ports or connections it can use to adjust its speed utility. For me, I maximize my speed usage by setting its port connection to the maximum of 16 ports. 

Look at how it utilizes my link speed. Ctrl + alt + Del to show task manager, then select the Networking tab to show the link speed and internet behavior graph.(yeah, I am downloading THOR, 2011)

The disadvantage of course is that, if you are trying to browse the internet while you are setting your IDM to its maximum full gear, most probably you will get real slow browsing speed, since it is being eaten up by IDM.

The great thing also about IDM is that you can immediately download any streaming videos from Youtube, Faceook and other video streaming sites, as long as you are using Firefox or Chrome. Below is how IDM integrates itself in those mentioned browsers. A small button appears just beside the playing video giving you an option to download it, usually in .flv format.

What about you? What is your experience in downloading movies? What downloader do you use? Leave some comments below and sharing is caring!

Oh before I forget, if you have no idea where to download movies, use my link above "Watch Free Movies" tab. You will be redirected to a site where streaming videos are totally free. Enjoy!


Jayson said...

Notice the snapshot of the Youtube video? here's the story:
Where is Osama's Body Mr. Obama? Is He really Dead?

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