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Why I used Drop Box in Handing Over Files Online

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Drop Box saves me with a big mess handing over files to my clients or co-workers online. One stuff I hate the most is when I have to send files to my clients or co-worker by attaching them through email. Why? I have to wait, wait and wait. And the worst part? I cannot attach huge files like videos and high definition photos. Good thing they invented Drop Box.

It is basically a file synchronization tool which lets you upload and download files without the hassle of opening a page, logging in, and waiting to upload or waiting to download. Basically, once this tool is installed in your computer’s system, you will just have to open its folder and drop everything there.

Here’s how the folder look like. 

You can see a little green check mark on the icons. It means, the folder and the files inside it were already synchronized to Drop Box’s server and to the people whom you are sharing those folders with. The green check mark becomes swirly blue when you had just recently dropped/dragged something into those folders. 

It means that it is still uploading to Drop Box’s Servers to be synchronized to those whom you are sharing with. When somebody is trying to share something with you, a small notice call out will be shown to you. And you can see it after the synchronization is complete.

For me it is a big time saver. I don’t have to worry about upload and download. I just have to drag the file to the folder and voila!

But here’s the catch, you are only allocated 2 Gigabytes initially. Why initially? Because you can have as much as 8 Gigabytes. How? When you invite your friends or refer anyone to register on your referral link, and that person registers and downloads the Drop Box tool (since you have to install it in your system), you get an additional 250 MB of free space. You can refer as many people as you can but it will only have a maximum bonus of up to 8 GB. If you want more than that, you can have a paid account, and have as much as 40 GB and beyond. The storage capacity you have with your Drop Box will be taken from your hard drive. So, basically, you can’t have an 80 GB plan if you only have 40 GB of hard drive storage.

So why am I telling you this? Basically I will be giving you my referral link. Ok the great part about registering through a referral link is that, I am not the only one benefitted. The person who registers under a referral link will also have additional bonus storage of 250 MB in his/her initial Drop Box storage giving him/her 2.250 GB of initial storage. Cool thing right? Ok here’s my referral link:

Now on my next blog about Drop Box, I will be giving you cool ninja tips on how to host any kind of files using drop box. Yes! You heard it right, you can host even java script, zip and rar files and many other essential files you need to be hosted. So keep updates and subscribe to my blog’s rss or any subscription method. It’s all free, don’t be shy.


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