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Juicing Up Your Brain But Still Enjoy Writing Articles

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One of the most tormenting jobs I had is writing articles. I never enjoyed it, and it seemed my brain is already burnt out when I start to strike a key again. But not until I read about juicing up your brain's power while enjoying. 

Before I knew about this technique, I can write about five to six articles before my brain starts to cramp. After knowing this technique, I can write about 10 or more articles and can still make a blog for the day without the stress. This particular technique has been known to ma since its discovery. What I read about this technique is that it has been used by geniuses like Albert Einstein, Beethoven, Marie Curie, Thomas Edison and other great thinkers of all time.

So how could it be related to article writing? This technique simply enhances your brain waves. Basically, when our mind is coupled with stress and pressure, it's brain waves can be compared to Britney Spear's dead hair flying all over as the blower starts to power up on her face. So basically, it's a mess. 

This techniques will enable your brain to be neutralized and produce alpha and gamma waves. Alpha and Gamma waves are the brain waves that induces creativity. These are the waves that are our brains produce during after sleeping. That is the reason why, when we study right after we sleep, we have a good retention of the subject being studied or memorized. 

So what is this technique? It is sometimes called the Mozart Effect or the Baroque Effect. It is the technique of listening to a baroque music while writing or doing mentally-engaging chores like memorizing, studying, or meditating. 

Yes, you can download a lot of baroque music in the internet and you can play that as a back ground while you are doing your stuff. I personally, don't like the idea of listening to it. It is just a plain musical instrument usually piano and violin. But after trying it and seeing the benefits, I am getting excited about it. I am enjoying every moment I am writing an article. 

Why don't you try it your self? What particular music to download? Just type in "baroque music". I personally listen to Mozart's, Beethoven's, and Chopin's. Try Swan Lake it's also nice. Good luck and enjoy writing!


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